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Medication at RHSS

​School staff are not to administer prescription medications unless:
  • they meet the accountability of a written request from a parent/caregiver and
  • the medication includes an original pharmacy label detailing the name of the person authorised to take the medication, dosage, time to be taken and medical practitioner's name.
The administration of over-the-counter medications or products, including analgesics and homeopathic medications, are subject to the same accountabilities as prescription medications.
For asthma relieving medications such as Ventolin, parents/caregivers are to notify the school in writing if their student has been prescribed this medication by a medical practitioner. Parents of students who need to carry and self administer Ventolin can make a special request through the Principal.
Parents/carers need to:
  • notify school in writing of a health condition requiring medication at school.
  • request school in writing to administer prescribed medication or to assist in management of a health condition.
  • notify school in writing of any requests and/or guidelines from medical practitioners including potential side effects or adverse reactions.
  • provide medication in original labelled container to the school.
  • ensure medication is not out of date and has an original pharmacy label with student’s name, dosage and time to be taken.
  • notify school in writing when a change of dosage is required. This instruction is to be accompanied by a letter from a medical practitioner.
  • advise school in writing and collect medication when it is no longer required at school.