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Parent Involvement

​Next month we will see the exit of our P&C president as the family move from our school community. We are needing to fill the position of President as a matter of importance so as to support and sustain the parent volunteer programmes and as the voice of the community.
Without a P&C president the P&C cannot exist and as such will fold. The folding of the P&C will not enable current fundraising and volunteers will not be able to come onto the grounds as they will no longer be covered by the P&C liability insurance. Special events like the Mother's Day and Father's Day stalls will no longer exist and the air-conditioning project for the rest of the school will halt. The impact on families will also become obvious as camps will become dearer due to bus costs. Discos will no longer run and the food stalls at our special events will no longer exist.
Whilst we are a great school, parental support helps make us an exceptional school. Please consider seriously what your commitment could be to support the ongoing family culture that we have in this community, as this is one of the highlights to our school and community "feel" each and every day.
Can we afford not to have the parents that volunteer to support our reading , or in our library and, dare I say, the future aspirations of reopening the tuck shop?
I reach out to those new parents joining us in prep and the early years, come and be part of our school fiber and support our parent and citizen's association. Our kids are better off when we are all involved. We are all busy people living busy lives. We are all parents that want our children to have the best of things that perhaps we never had. This is made more possible thanks to a small but hardworking group of people that hold the values of supporting our students, our staff, our school. Please consider.
I look forward to you attending our next meeting and nominating as president of the P&C, for the sake of our kids and our staff.
Have a great weekend and please contact myself or Samantha Daly if you wish to discuss this further.
Mr. Dan Nielsen
Runcorn Heights State School