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You Can Do It

You Can Do It! Education is an approach to schooling with its goal being for all children to realise their potential and to achieve to the best of their ability. You Can Do It! Education's main purpose is to provide all children with the Foundations of Achievement (keys to success) for social/emotional well-being in school, work and the world of tomorrow.

Its’ core value is the development of the potential of all children (academically, intellectually, interpersonally and emotionally) through instilling the Five Foundations (keys to success):

Confidence (Yellow), Persistence (Purple), Organisation (Orange), Getting Along (Green), Resilience (Red)

The keys are explicitly taught to all students.

Term 1- Ready, Set, Go & Organisation

Term 2- Getting Along & Resilience

Term 3- Persistence & Confidence

The program is organised into Early Childhood Program (P & 1) and Program Achieve (2-6). Program Achieve is then divided into lower (2&3), middle (4&5) and upper (6).  Each year will complete the appropriate lessons. 

Class Ticket System

The Keys are also incorporated into our class reward tickets. There is a ticket for each key to success and they are colour coded.

Confidence (Yellow), Persistence (Purple), Organisation (Orange), Getting Along (Green), Resilience (Red).

The tickets are given out in class when student exhibit the keys of success.  Each class has a designated YCDI container. The class tickets are brought to assembly. Tickets are then drawn out (P-2 & 3-6). The winners receive a $1 voucher from the tuckshop and a bookmark. Their names are then placed in the newsletter.