​At Runcorn Heights State School, the Physical Education Program has been developed to incorporate a progression of development in students as they go from Prep to Year 6. From Prep to Year three, there is a focus on the development of locomotor and non-locomotor skills, as well as manipulative skills which develop hand-eye and foot-eye coordination. Following on from this, Year 4 to 6 students are exposed to a variety of ball skills and minor games which lead up to the introduction of major games such as softball, touch football, soccer, lacrosse and netball. Students also participate in athletics, cross country, swimming and dance as part of the PE program.

All students at Runcorn Heights State School participate in a least one thirty minute PE lesson a week. Students are also involved in a Smart Moves Program, where they receive thirty minutes of moderate physical activity a day. This activity is delivered by classroom teachers, who have easy access to a variety of equipment, which is kept in their classroom.


Inter-school Sport

All students in Years 5 to 6, are encouraged to participate in inter-school sport. Winter sports include girls softball, T-ball, basketball and soccer. Summer sports include touch football, boys and girls cricket, netball, boys softball and Australian Football League (AFL). Each season consists of three 'Gala Days' where our students compete against other Sunnybank District Schools. Students receive weekly coaching every Friday afternoon.


Sports Carnivals

There are three teams or “house” groups that compete on sports days : Cunningham – green; Oxley – blue and Logan – red. The Cross Country is held at the end of Term 1 and involves all students in Years 3 – 6. Students are involved in a training program leading up to this event in order to improve their fitness level.

At the end of Term 2, there is a Senior Athletics Carnival and in Term 3 the Junior Athletics Carnival is held in August. Prior to these sports days, students receive an intensive PE unit on athletics, to develop the skills involved in track and field events.

A swimming carnival is also held at the end of the year for all students in Years 3 - 6, following swimming lessons. Students in Years Prep – 6 receive swimming lessons at Rackley Family Swim School at Runcorn. The swimming carnival is held at Our Lady of Lourdes pool. This is a fun day for our students, the emphasis being on participation rather than competition.

At the completion of all of our carnivals, there is a presentation of the winning shield to the Sports Captains, and age champions are awarded their medallions. All eligible students go on to compete at District carnivals, where it is possible to gain further selection in Regional, State and National teams.

At Runcorn Heights State School, students are strongly encouraged to “have a go" and "Aim High" (school motto) and participate in all physical activities in a fun, non-threatening environment. We believe that promoting physical activity in this way will only encourage students to become healthy and active adults.

2021 Senior Athletic Carnival Age Champions:

8 years:

Saffron T (C)

George D (O)

9 years:

Marcelline (L)

Harrison B (C)

10 years:

Mia T (c)

Cody G (O)

11 years:

Grace D (O)

Ala A (C)

12 years

Lilly R (O)

Judah F (C)

Congratuations to Cunningham for winning the carnival.
Cunningham 758 points
Oxley 707 points
Logan 678 points

Sports Representation Beyond School Level

Outlined below is the pathway for Runcorn Heights's school students to gain representative honours in their chosen sport. These opportunities are open to children turning 10, 11, 12 or 13. For ten year olds, representation is usually limited to individual sports such as swimming, cross-country and athletics. Nine year olds no longer have the opportunity to represent their school at district trials.


Sunnybank District Trials:

Sunnybank District coaches will call for nominations from the schools affiliated with the district. Our school coaches will trial and select the best candidates, who show skills and ability fit for district trials. These students will attend the trials after receiving all the information from their school coach or PE teacher.

Students selected by the district coach will represent Sunnybank District at the Metropolitan West Regional Trials.


Metropolitan West Regional Trials/Carnival:

The Metropolitan West coach and manager will select the Met West team at the carnival/trials and the team is usually announced at the end of the carnival/trials.

Students selected in the Metropolitan West team will compete against other regions at the Queensland titles.



At the Queensland state titles, selectors including the Queensland coach and usually the Queensland manager will select a Queensland team to compete at the National titles. The Queensland team is announced at the end of the closing ceremony of the State titles.

Students selected in the Queensland team will compete against other states at the National Titles.

Runcorn Heights State School aims to provide every opportunity to our students who excel in sport. We support these students in their efforts to be successful in all levels of representation.

Last reviewed 15 June 2021
Last updated 15 June 2021