Drop Off and Pick Up Routines


Before School Expectations

Prep H and Prep S families are asked to continue using the side gate along the laneway between the Prep building and houses.

Prep K and Prep B families are asked to continue using the front gate from Nemies Road and following the pathway past the building construction site to the classrooms.

All other gates are open for access to the school from 8:00am.

The first bell rings at 8:20am.

Students are not to be dropped school before 8:00am as there is no supervision prior to this. If you need to drop your child / children earlier than this, please book them into the Jabiru before school program.

Students arriving between 8:00am and 8:20am need to sit in the following areas:

Prep students are to wait with parents outside their classroom.

Years 1 and 2 – Undercover near the Tuckshop

Years 3 – 6 – Undercover area near the year 3 classrooms.

There should be no parents or students waiting at classrooms before the 8:20am bell unless they have an appointment with the classroom teacher. There is no playing on any playgrounds before school.

After School Expectations

The last bell of the day rings a 2:30pm. If you are collecting your child from their classroom please be respectful and wait in an area away from the windows and doors. You need to ensure you are remaining socially distant from other adults. It can be very distracting to the students if there are lots of parents outside while the teacher is still teaching. Once the bell rings, and your child is released from their classrooms, please move away from the classroom areas and exit the school grounds safely.

Students who are being collected from the Stop, Drop and Go area are to sit and wait quietly for their parents.

Any student who remains uncollected from the classrooms or Stop, Drop and Go will be brought to the office and parents contacted.

If you cannot pick up your child on time in the afternoons, please book them into the Jabiru Outside School Hours Care Program.

There is no playing on any playgrounds after school.

Stop, Drop and Go

This is a no parking area. Parents are to remain in their car at all times. It is illegal to park or wait in the area marked by diagonal white lines. The Police can fine you for this behaviour. It also makes it incredibly difficult for the cars exiting the Drop Off Zone to see when the traffic is clear for them to pull out. Thank you for helping us keep the students safe during these peak times of day.

Some things to remember

* There is no right turn into or out of the Drop Off Zone.

* Please display your child’s name and class on the card provided in your windscreen.

* If your child is not at the Drop Off Zone, or does not come when their name has been called repeatedly, you will be asked to exit the zone and re-join the queue so that the line can continue moving. 

* Ensure your child has their seatbelt fastened or buckled in before leaving.

* If you need to leave your car to collect your child, please park on Nemies Road – not in the Drop Off zone.

* If you come a little bit later (2:45pm) the congestion has eased significantly.

Afternoon Storms Delay to Pick Up

If an afternoon storm is pending prior to 2:30pm or the deluge occurs around that time your child’s departure may be delayed from classrooms at pick up time so that they remain safe. Once the extreme flow of water has diminished they will be dismissed from class.

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Last reviewed 15 February 2021
Last updated 15 February 2021